How To Lose Weight In Just 3 Steps

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Literally, 3 steps will get you into the pool with ProActive Physical Therapy at Noonan Family Swim School.  Buoyancy is what makes you feel the “weight loss”.  Buoyancy is the upward thrust of the water acting in the opposite direction of the force of gravity.  The buoyant force an object feels depends on the weight of the volume of fluid the object displaces. An object in water will experience a greater buoyant force compared to air, because water has more weight.  Your center of gravity is generally located in the pelvic region, but your center of buoyancy is in the mid chest region.  When both of theses centers are not aligned vertically, a rotational force results helping maintain upright, head out posture.  Patients do not need to know how to swim to participate in aquatic therapies because they constantly maintain this upright posture.  The deeper you immerse yourself in water, the less you weigh and less shock is transmitted through your bones, joints, and ligaments compared to land therapy.  With less demands/forces on the joints, more energy efficient movement can occur allowing improved joint mobility and dynamic flexibility.  The buoyancy factor is why aquatic therapy benefits patients needing limited weight-bearing (due to surgery protocols, fractures, or a patient being overweight).  Here is a quick helpful guide on how much “weight” you can lose:

water at waist level = 50% of weight through joints lost

water at chest level = 75% of weight through joints lost

in deep water = no weight through joints

With the decreased forces on your body, patients are able to walk, squat, climb steps, strengthening their legs and core, and even jog, with little to no symptoms.  There is only one problem with buoyancy. . . when you take those same 3 steps out of the pool,  your “weight” comes back.

About the Author:

Laura Nugent was born and raised in Poway, CA, and is a southern California girl through and through.  She went to college at Loyola Marymount University where she played basketball and rowed crew.  She received her Physical Therapist Assistant degree from San Diego Mesa College, and she has been working as an outpatient, orthopedic PTA for 14 years.  She started her career in Los Angeles, CA, working for HealthSouth and Select Medical at the Kerlan Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic for 9-10 years.  Laura came back home to San Diego about 4 years ago, and has been working with ProActive Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine ever since.  She works out of the 4S Ranch and Vista clinic as well as covering at the Carlsbad clinic where she began with the ProActive family.  She ran the Aquatic Therapy Program at Kerlan Jobe for 8-9 years, and now has been in charge of the ProActive’s Aquatic Therapy for 1-2 years.  Her other career passion is working with Industrial Rehab and Worker Compensation patients.  She has been performing Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) and POETS (Post Offer Employment Tests) for 12-13 years, and has worked with companies like Chevron, Union Pacific Railroad, American and Hawaiian Airlines, and Chrysler.  She loves working with and helping people get back to what they want to do if it is walking their dog to driving a gas trunk to going on a trip with their grandchildren.




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At ProActive, a licensed therapist provides one-on-one, individualized treatment to patients of all ages in an environment built around the patients’ needs. We have three convenient locations throughout San Diego. Contact us: Phone:760-444-0102

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